bravo serotonin

.2012 - (ongoing).


Bravo Serotonin is a performative project that started in 2012. It is an ongoing project.

The projects start is timed to coincide with the last days of the Mesoamerican long count calendar.

Leg 1: Winter
2 weeks in January 2012
A residential project that involved 27 people working in The Good Hatchery. During the height of harsh conditions and cold, a boat was carved from a chestnut tree felled by Hurricane Katia. The boat was carried to the Grand Canal and tested before returning to The Good Hatchery to be discussed. The resulting boat is 8 metres long and weighs 800 KG.

Leg 2: Winter
2 weeks in December 2014
The boat is now dried, seasoned and tarred with black bitumen. It is much lighter now. 6 people can lift it.

A 10 horse power outboard engine is mounted.

Leg 3: Autumn
2 weeks in 2015
Leg 3 sees a crew of 4 take the boat from Daingean, Co.Offaly to Grand Canal Dock, Dublin : from Irelands rural epicentre all the way to the heart of the capital City at Irelands edge. They travelled along the Grand Canal for 80 km and traversed THE BOG OF ALLEN in 5 days.

Participants include: Jessica Cheryl Bance, Roisin Beirne, Clare Louise Bligh, Sinead Breathnach Cashell, Mitch Conlon, Hugh Cooney, Sinead Corcoran, Vanessa Daws, Carl Giffney, Eileen Hanlon, Callum Elizabeth and Sam Hill, Ann Maria Healy, Helen Horgan, Gareth Kennedy, Andreas Kindler Von Knobloch, Tom Lynn, Ruth Lyons, Simon and Juliana Mc Allister, Roger O'Shea, Peter Prendergast, Paul Regan, Cillian Walsh, Niall Walsh, Tom Watt, David Vidich.

Curated by: The Good Hatchery - Carl Giffney.

Made with help of: Waterways Ireland.


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