ritual flux 51

.offaly, ireland, 2009.

Ritual Flux 51, took place in Birr, Co. Offaly, a place remarkable for many reasons including its proud and strange history of scientific achievment. The first suspension bridge and microscope are claimed to have be built there. The first steam powered motor vechicle fatality took place alongside one of the worlds largest telescopes at its creation in the 1840s. This telescope discovered Galaxy M51. This scientific activity took place in conjunction with intense industrial development in the area that formed part of a larger back drop of colonialism.

Ritual Flux 51 is an exhibition that used many sites as exhibition spaces including a Masonic Lodge, a bicycle shop, a gate house and a library.

Artists included: Ulrich Vogl, Philippa Sutherland, Theresa Nanigian, Orla Hardy & Alice Lyons, Kevin Mooney, Ann Mulrooney, James Merrigan, Patrick Keavney, Séan Hillen, Chris Boland, Anne Marie Barry.

FLUXUS screenings of 16mm films by artists including Yoko Ono and John Cale and performances by economicthoughtprojects and Sven Anderson.

Curated by: Eilís Lavelle & The Good Hatchery- Carl Giffney and Ruth Lyons.