glasimile - seahorses tired of living in the real world

.soma gallery, waterford, ireland, 2011.

Glasimile – Seahorses tired of living in the real world . The Good Hatchery were invited to create a new exhibition for SOMA Contemporary, an artist led gallery space in Waterford City. The exhibition involved six components: two video screenings, an interactive 3-d work filled with gin, a framed photograph, text on the gallery’s wall and the boarding up of all of the gallery’s windows.

The opening of the exhibition was scheduled to coincide with the opening of the new Waterford Crystal visitors centre. Since the 1700's Waterford Crystal had been the main industry in Waterford city, in the year prior to the development of the Vistor Centre, the company had relocated its centre of production from the city to Eastern Europe.

Glasimile began as an investigative research project into the emblem of Waterford Crystal; the seahorse, the iconography surrounding the creature and it's place in commercial industry. The Good Hatchery spent a time in Seahorse Aquariums Ireland, the only seahorse farm in the world, found in the Ballymount industrial estate, Dublin. Access was kindly given to behind the scenes activities of seahorse importing, breeding, maintenance and display. Two videos were shot on location. These videos formed a basis of the inquiry into the shifting roles of local industry, the exotic, and the place of faith during a time of flux.

The central work in Glasimile is a chipboard construction that can be climbed by the means of a hexagonal spiral stair. On climbing it's steps audience members can peer into the construction's core: a back lit glass well entirely filled with gin.The alcohic spirit can be accessed by means of a small crystal glass on a silver chain. The well takes its influence from Japanese architecture, holy wells visited in Ireland and architectural display models found in fish tanks.

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