iridescence a

.monster truck gallery, dublin 2009.

Iridescence A was conceived and proposed to be installed in the Monster Truck Gallery and Studios. Iridescence A follows the Solution, the artists first collaborative project in IMOCA, and does have commonalities in both in its physicality and its thematic concerns. The work deals with connectivity yet, now, attempts to speak of the global nature of our information age and its infrastructure. An array of coloured communication devices are perched atop the three story building, their various cables streaming down the front of the building and passing into the gallery space. Here two objects are found. Each is constructed of white oak in an architecture equally Japanese and of the electric pylons found in our landscape. In their negative spaces a film of diffraction grating has been stretched that splits the light emanating from their centres into its component part- much like a prism or crystal.
The Good Hatchery state that their practice 'is interested in the ultra-ordinary: that which has become so commonplace in our environment it has become almost invisible.'

Claire Feeley expands on this in The Good Hatchery: Iridescence A and the ultra-ordinary, a review of this exhibition at Circa.