.mermaid arts centre, bray, ireland. 2011.

Documentary video and images by Alex Synge

Lodestar is a new exhibition by The Good Hatchery created for Mermaid Arts Centre in the seaside town of Bray, Co. Wicklow.

The show includes a large kinetic light installation, a sculptural installation, a video work and a series of five framed photographs of off-site works. The large scale sculptural works and accompanying video are inspired by maritime infrastructure and the architecture of rescue. Lodestar is an investigation into the magnetism of light, Kish lighthouse, destiny and what the artists describe as the ultra-ordinary.

In their research into Maritime lights both as beacons and in moments of rescue the artists contacted The Commissioners of Irish Lights, a state body responsible for the installation and maintenance of lighthouses and buoys on Ireland's coasts. The Commissioners of Irish Lights kindly brought the artists on their flagship vessel, The Granuaile to visit the lighthouses in Dublin Bay.

Between Mon 21 March and Thu 31 March the gallery will be open to visitors for The Good Hatchery's installation of Lodestar. All work is made on site. Visitors are welcome to view the process of the exhibition installation and talk with the artists.

The artist would like to thank The Commissioners of Irish Lights for their generous involvement in this project and Alex Synge for his video documentation of the show.