the solution

.irish museum of contemporary art, 2009.

In February 2009, Carl Giffney and Ruth Lyons were invited to represent The Good Hatchery in an exhibition entitled This Must Be The Place that took place in The Irish Museum of Contemporary Art (IMOCA). The exhibitions curators, Paul Murnaghan and Sally Timmons, asked ten artist-led groups from around Ireland to respond to the question ‘How do we think?’. This response was to be articulated in the form of a new physical work that was made collaboratively by the members of each group and that was not pedagogical or documentary in its nature. Other groups that were involved included Art/ Not Art, Pallas Contemporary Projects, Jeco Sword, Mart, Monster Truck Gallery and Studios, 126, Mongrel, Blackletter and Hope Inherent. For more information please see the IMOCA website.

The Solution is the new, physical work that was made by Carl Giffney and Ruth Lyons over the course of three weeks. It was there first collaborative work as The Good Hatchery.

The Solution takes its form from water storage towers. Audience members could interact with the structure via a series of nine brass taps. Each tap dispensed water that came from one of nine Irish water towers. A collection of glass vessels allowed participants to transport, store or consume the waters.

Each of the signs posted over the nine brass taps detail a water tower that is situated in the mid-lands of Ireland- the vicinity that is home to The Good Hatchery. Below each image GPS coordinates can be found. The potential energies to be found in obscure and bland places is of importance to The Good Hatchery. This work marked the beginning of their interest in what they term the ultra-ordinary.

The Solution featured in Frieze art magazine, in Maeve Connollys article 'Dublin'.