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dec 2015
BOG BABES 2016 is a calendar produced by Ruth E Lyons

Bog Babes is a beach calendar shot on the industrial boglands of North Offaly in the summer of 2015. The models for the calendar are some of the most amazing, women, artists and friends of Good Hatchery. In addition to 12 stunning, surreal images the calendar also features an essay 'Dream Pool' a meandering critique of fuel economy, oil and the human body in this accelerated reality. The calendar is on sale in Petrol Stations around Ireland.

Photography by Barra Dinan


aug 2015
Bravo Serotonin pulls into Grand Canal Dock, Dublin.

Bravo Serotonin, 1 tree made into a boat by 27 people, finishes its voyage from Daingean, Co. Offaly to Grand Canal Dock in the heart of Dublic city. Travelling from Irelands epicentre, they covered 80 km in five days and traversed THE BOG OF ALLEN. The crew are: Andreas Kindler von Knobloch, Emma Houlihan, Ann Maria Healy and Carl Giffney.


mar 2015
Experimental Archaeology.

Bog Burial- a one day project on The Bog of Allen where articles from global furniture giant IKEA will be buried in the bog to become preserved as bog wood.

This project has been developed by artist Gareth Kennedy (NCAD) in association with Aidan O'Sullivan and Conor McDermott of Experimental Archaeology at UCD. It is conceived as a one day testing ground for mixing the skills, knowledge and methodology of students from Experimental Archaeology with those of contemporary makers studying Fine Art Sculpture.

The Good Hatchery will host the project.

A follow up discussion event will take place on Wednesday 11 March, 5.30 - 7pm at Templebar Gallery and Studios
as part of the programme for the exhibition The Pattern Exchange.

jan 2015
NEW MEMBERS : The Good Hatchery announces member artists 2014/15.

Siobhán Clancy
Jacki Hehir
Emma Houlihan
Ciarán Kavanagh
Andreas Kindler von Knobloch
Kathryn Maguire
Claire McCluskey
Lucy McKenna
Annemarie Ní Churreáin
Margaret O'Brien
James Ó hAodha
Charlie Stewart-Liberty
Miriam Thorpe
Tom Watt

For details please see ARTISTS

oct 2014
ALLOY : The Good Hatchery graduate award.
The Good Hatchery is happy to announce that Ciarán Kavanagh from Corks Crawford Art College is the winner of the 2014 graduate award. He will be a member of the GH for one year and also undertake a thematic residency of local connection.

aug 2014
PILOT LIGHT : exchange with Pavilion

As part of Follies of Youth, Pavilion (UK) is commissioning three artists, Ruth Lyons, Giles Bailey and Amelia Crouch, to respond to three landscapes in Yorkshire that all are attributed to C18th designer Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown.

Pilot Light is an exchange that will take place between researchers from Pavilion and The Good Hatchery. Over the course of 6 days these artists will work with Good Hatchery member artists to investigate the landscape of the 18th century Clonearl Demense. The group will do this by researching, designing, building and operating a lime kiln on the land.

10th-16th August 2014

Pilot Light Exchange is an exploration of the substance of landscape with a particular focus on Limestone, as a medium for understanding the historical perception of land in the 18th century and the origins of today’s global industrial age.

Limestone is one of the most common geological substances on earth roughly 50% of Britain and Ireland is underlain by limestone.The stone is formed from the remains of shells and bones of millions of tiny sea creatures condensed at high pressure over millennia.

Lime CaO is a binder that is responsible for holding our bones, teeth and the shells of creatures together. When Limestone is burnt at high temperatures carbon dioxide is burnt off and what remains is the lime or the sticky stuff. Lime has various uses from farm fertiliser, water treatment, sugar refining but most commonly; building in the form of concrete and mortar.

Please find more at and

jul 2014
OPEN CALL : Good Hatchery Membership
The Good Hatchery is happy to announce its Open Call for membership applications.

Please find more here.

jul 2014
New Renovations : Good Hatchery 2014
Over the last year the Good Hatchery has undergone major renovations and refurbishments. Gone is the old roomed system and the new open plan space comes with new kitchen, bathroom, library and studio space.

Please find more here.

jun 2014
Hands make good
Renovations are almost finished in time for Arrow Arrow.

may 2014
Arrow Arrow

To celebrate the completion of a year long renovation The Good Hatchery is proud to launch Arrow Arrow.

Arrow Arrow has seen the complete refurbishment of studio, residential and workshop spaces along with new insulation, heating and fixtures. In the coming weeks The Good Hatchery will advertise an open call to select a new board of member artists whose work will steer the directions of the artist led space. Curated projects, events and residencies will be run by the members and directors Carl Giffney and Ruth E Lyons.

The Good Hatchery’s main objective is to support the development of innovative, ambitious art practices that consider their own relation to place.

To mark its 7th birthday and to Launch Arrow Arrow, The Good Hatchery will have its first Open Day, with live music, action, installation, fire, food and spoken word.

Arrow Arrow launches at The Good Hatchery Studios on 28th and 29th June 2014.

RSVP is essential. Please email for details.

nov 2013
Bravo Serotonin
Bravo Serotonin has cured and begins stage 3 with winter 2013/14 participants are welcome

oct 2013
GH3 Renovation
In late 2013 / early 2014 The Good Hatchery changes into GH3. A cyclical renovation of all spaces, indoor and outdoor, along with all facilities and installed works will bring it into its third phase. GH3 sees a new board of members and the removal of old spaces featured above.

Pictures will follow.

mar 2013
Alex Conway 2010
click video stills for link

sept 2012
ART21 blogger in residence
click images for link ?
Stephen Lacy [US] is ART21s current blogger in residence. He writes about his time in Ireland, his stay at The Good Hatchery and other things:

1. Mining the Local: Ya Dig? (While on Residency in Ireland)

2. Distances Can Be Deceiving

3. ON TO DISCIPLINE (my head is my only house unless it rains*)

4. Evolution (the whole point of no return*)

july 2012
July resident
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Andreas Kindler von Knobloch [IE] is Julys artist in residence at the Good Hatchery.

jun 2012
Cross Plus
Cross Plus is the name of the curatorial format being used by the Good Hatchery for 2012. It sees two roles being taken on by two individuals- Cross and Plus- or x and +

jun 2012
June residents
Stephen Lacy [US] and James O' hAodha [IE] are Junes resident artists at the Good Hatchery.

jun 2012
Series Sauna
Series Sauna is The Good Hatcherys first series of programmed discussions. They will take place inside a 6 person cedar sauna that has been installed on site. image. Francis Quinn on residency.

jun 2012
Bravo Serotonin Leg 2
The second portion of Bravo Serotonin is about to take place. It sees an 800 KG boat being motorised and taken on a voyage along the Grand canal.

mar 2012
New 2012 Good Hatchery Members include:
Mary Jo Gilligan
Emma Houilihan
Gareth Kennedy
Andreas Kindler von Knobloch
Elaine Reynolds
Kate Strain
Chris Timms

mar 2012
New .pdf downloads of previous publications available in curated projects.
Download Celestial Salt
Download Sapphire Highway

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