preface [ii]

.auxiliary news- related to the good hatchery and its operations.

may 2016
Looking into the methods of Bill Drummond: Carl Giffney

dec 2015
Crystal Technology Research: Waterford (Veðrafjórðr in Norse), Ireland.

jan 2015
Limestone makes lime: PILOT LIGHT begins to investigate the process.

oct 2014
I saw this: Manorhamilton, North Leitrim.

jul 2014
I saw this: at preparations for Arrow Arrow

jun 2014
The Pony Express : Image from article by CLAIRE FEELEY.

dec 2013
I saw this: Google Image result for 'Offaly'.

sep 2013
Interaction: An offer intended to encourage meetings at Centra shop Daingean.

aug 2012
I saw this: in the Good Hatchery. Ger gets archeological at Good Weeks Work- a group effort to excavate a 19th century cobbled shore.

jun 2012
Dead Ends made on the 2011 residential project Palanquin Stills by Charles Stewart Liberty.

jun 2012
I saw this: in The Good Hatchery.

jun 2012
Free Help by Ronan Coughlan 2008
Download Ronan Coughlans FREE HELP, a folded pamphlet printed in 500 and distributed locally.
Free Help was one work made in the residential project SAPPHIRE HIGHWAY.

mar 2012
Drinking holy wells in preparation for GLASIMILE.

mar 2012
I saw this: in Daingean.

mar 2012
I saw this: in Amsterdam.

aug 2012
Battle as part of Supafast Militarys 2010 residential project.

mar 2012
Bungalow Bliss
Image of Bungalow Bliss from Adrian Duncans work at The Good Hatchery.

apr 2012
I saw this: in The Good Hatchery

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